Company Introduction

In the fast-growing market of bioplastics, Biomaterial Expert Kft. is a global leading supplier of bioplastic material, with its headquarters located in Budapest, Hungary. We are a key player that offers a credible and industrial-scale sustainable alternative to conventional plastics, with the objective of achieving economic success while preserving our environment.

The bioplastic material we offer at Biomaterial Expert Kft. includes pure PBAT, PBS and PBST resins, as well as different application-oriented PBAT compounds. Depending on the requirement profile, these compounds are biodegradable in various environments or suitable for long-term use and can also be either completely or partially made from renewable sources (such as PLA or starch). Our products have a wide range of applications, including agriculture, food and beverage, packaging and textiles industries. Typical products include but not limited to mulch films, supermarket shopping bags, various garbage bags, garment bags and etcetera.

Our bioplastic material can be degraded in different environments, such as industrial composting, home composting, soil and water. They are tested by independent certification bodies, compiling with European standard EN 13432. Amongst the most important of these are TÜV AUSTRIA, DIN CERTCO in Germany and BPI in North America.