August 12, 2020

Biomaterial Expert Kft. Joins Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling (CSAOSZ)

About the Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling (CSAOSZ)

The Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling (Csmolagolási és Anyagmozgatási Országos Szövetség) was established by the Packaging Division of Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1990. The main purpose of the association is to continuously and consequently protect the rights of the member companies and to support the development of the special field. At this current moment, the association has around 70 members, from small enterprises to multinational corporations, including manufacturers, dealers and packaging handling companies. The president of CSAOSZ Association is Mr. Attila Bencs, who has been the Managing Director of Hamburger Hungaria Ltd. since 2007 and is a member of the Hungarian National Environmental Council.

Headquarters: Hungária krt. 140-144, 1146 Budapest, Hungary


On August 6th, Biomaterial Expert Kft. was invited to the CSAOSZ headquarters for a meeting by the Secretary General Mr. Miklós Nagy. During the meeting, we presented our company as a new supplier of bioplastic material in Hungary, and we also expressed our interested in joining the association, aiming to become the key player that offers a credible and industrial-scale sustainable alternative to conventional plastics for the Hungarian plastic packaging market.

After the presentation, our board of directors and senior advisor discussed with Mr. Nagy regarding the adaptation and implementation of the EU Single-use Plastic Directive in Hungary. As reported by the media on May 13th, the Hungarian government announced that they would bring forward a law proposal to be in line with the EU SUP Directive, which was planned to come into effect ahead of the EU set deadline of July 3rd, on January 1st, 2021. However, the bill was withdrew within one week, as the government clarified that plastics companies should be given more time to prepare for the change during the period of epidemiological preparedness.


At the end of the meeting, our company was kindly invited by Mr. Nagy to join the CSAOSZ Yearly Conference to present our products in the Technological Development and Research section, which will take place in October 2020 in Budapest, Hungary.